Every business, no matter the size, should make it easy for the media to find and use their news. A robust online newsroom, with a variety of content presented in the format preferred by the media, investors and the public, should be part of every business’ website today.


Once you have created the news content and housed it in your newsroom you need a way to distribute it to the right audiences effectively. Most newswire services are still using the old, traditional model. Our tools offer the latest Digital PR and social distribution.


The focus of PR measurement has changed dramatically in the last few years. Now that our news is online every click can be tracked. With our analytics tools you’ll know exactly which press releases and other news content are working and where to focus your efforts.


What you get

A Suite of PR Tools

There are many tools out there that can help you with your Digital PR. At Press Release Toolbox you get a suite of tools hand-picked by a veteran of the PR industry – someone who understands PR and the digital space. Our tools are perfect for content and Digital PR. They’ll help you get the best results possible from your press releases, news and other branded content: a state-of-the-art social/creative newsroom, a newswire that understands SEO, social media and the need for visual content, a cutting edge system to deliver that content to the right audiences on the right platforms and a way to track results.

Training and Support

Learning to use new digital tools can be scary. Most PR professionals are not “techies” Nor do we want to be. We understand that and we’ve put together a series of training videos that help you get started quickly and easily. We share insider tips and tricks, so that you know everything we know. We make new videos all the time and our Weekly Whiteboard session answers questions we get from subscribers. A monthly webinar keeps you updated with the latest Digital PR trends.

Effective Analytics

A few tools to house and distribute branded content and press releases online and in social media would be nice, but not effective if you couldn’t track results. Press Release Toolbox offers analytics that are relevant to the PR industry. We don’t waste your time with an overwhelming stream of data. It’s just the relevant facts, Jack. (or Jacqueline) Now that we have to track outcomes rather than outputs you need analytics tools that give you the right data so you can show results.


Why Press Release Toolbox?

Digital and social distribution of branded content and press releases are an integral part of PR

To do Digital PR effectively you need to use tools. And odd as this may sound, the fact that there are so many tools can be a problem:

  • Many of these tools are not built for PR – they’re built for marketing or advertising
  • You have to figure which ones are best for PR by yourself
  • Then you have to learn how to use them effectively for PR purposes

Let Press Release Toolbox do the heavy lifting. Our team is knowledgeable and experienced in PR, both offline and online. We’ve been doing this for a long time. We’ve partnered with some of the best minds in technology and we believe we have a set of tools that can help you get better results, faster.

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