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Introducing Sendible:

A social media management dashboard


Social Media can be a real time-sucker. Creating, posting and managing content,monitoring responses and mentions and then interacting with your community of fans and followers can become a full time activity.  A good social media management dashboard can help you do twice as much in half the time and get better results.


Every business needs to monitor what’s being said about their brand online. Whether you are involved or not, there are conversations online  – people are talking about brands and products like yours.  they discuss the problems they’re trying to solve and post opinions about businesses they deal with. You need to have your finger on the pulse of those conversations.

Without a system to pull in the posts, tweets and updates and analyze them for sentiment and priority, this can be very time-consuming. The Sendible Dashboard monitors what’s being said about your brand on blogs, news, social networks and in comments and the automatic sentiment analysis will highlight the mentions that need your urgent attention.


Managing your social media content can be one of the most time-consuming and  frustrating activities. With the Sendible there’s no more logging-in to separate social media sites to post your content. You do it all from one easy-to-use management dashboard. And the robust scheduling features make it easy to plan your social media strategy in advance. You can use the dashboard to post the right message to the right audience at the right time.  The dashboard will even analyze your posts and suggest the best time for optimal social media engagement.

You can also use the RSS Auto Posting feature to publish topical content to your social networks at regular intervals throughout the day and automatically distribute new posts from your blog to your social channels.

The interactive team calendar gives you a comprehensive overview of publishing activity across your team. With drag-and-drop functionality, you can quickly and easily re-arrange and optimize your team’s content plan.

Measure Effectiveness

One area businesses struggle with in social media is measuring the effectiveness of their content and engagement. With this social media management dashboard you can easily prove the effectiveness of every piece of content you distribute.

You can quickly identify the messages that resonate best with your audience and see which ones reach the most people.  Knowing what’s working helps you hone your content strategy and figure out how and where to invest resources.  No more throwing spaghetti against the wall – you have solid data to work off and you know exactly where you’re going and how you’re doing.

Engage and Interact

The purpose of monitoring and managing content on social media is so that you can find and engage the right people – those who are interested in your brand or service and who will become loyal fans and customers. So you have to know who is responding, what they’re saying and then have a vehicle that lets you quickly and easily engage with them online.

With this dashboard it’s a breeze – you can interact with new and existing customers across multiple platforms. Sendible pulls in posts and comments from sites like Facebook, Twitter and Flickr so that you can respond from one place. Each post is analyzed and messages requiring urgent attention are highlighted.

Analyze and Report

A social media manager doesn’t operate in a vacuum – we all have clients or seniors who need to know what we’re doing and whether we’re meeting our goals. According to a 2014 Social Media Examiner study 87% of companies want to know how to measure and report the ROI of their social media work and less than 50 % currently measure their work.

An effective social media management dashboard will make it possible to gather the data you need and give you reporting tools so that you can show the progress and success in easy to understand graphs, tables and charts.

Sendible makes it easy to build presentation-ready reports with detailed analytics. The report builder can create meaningful reports using a combination of over 200 modules, so you can create a cusotm report based on our firm’s goals..

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