Sad State of Inc. 500 Online Newsrooms

PRESSfeed recently released the 2013 Inc. 500 Newsroom Survey. These fast-growing privately owned companies should be courting the attention of the media. Judging by the very sad state of their online newsrooms, this is just not the case.

Here are the main points.

1. 32% of Inc.500 companies have out-of-date content in their newsrooms (tweet this)
2. 90% of Inc.500 companies top 100 brands failed to provide image libraries in their online newsroom (tweet this)
3. 91% of Inc.500 companies featured no video content in their online newsrooms (tweet this)
4. 77% of Inc.500 companies have no visual material with their press releases. (tweet this)
5. 98% of Inc. 500 companies fail to supply embed codes for their visual material. (tweet this)
6. 94% of Inc. 500 companies lack any kind of search function on their online newsroom (tweet this)
7. 90% of the Inc. 500 companies do not have contact details on the main page of their newsroom  (tweet this)
8. 71% of Inc. 500 companies failed to list any contact details in their online press releases (tweet this)
9. 68% of Inc.500 companies have no content other than press releases in their newsrooms. No blogs, no social content, no tips. (tweet this)
10. 61% of Inc. 500 companies provide no way to share the news in their newsrooms. (tweet this)

According to the Broadgate Mainland study 75% of the journalists polled said they rely much more on PR content and press releases due to the pressures of digital journalism.

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