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Online Newsroom Best Practices

Why is an online newsroom important for the success of your press releases, PR content and earned media?

Most journalists (more than 80%) say they visit a company newsroom regularly. They’re working harder and longer than ever before. A reporter could be looking for information, quotes or expert sources when you are not at your desk. You need to have all the PR content possible easily available so that a journalist or blogger can easily find it and use it when they need it.

What should be in your online newsroom?  Here are 10 online newsroom best practices:

  1. A contact person.  Make it a real person, not just a generic email such as
  2. Links to all your social media content
  3. Links to any media coverage, analysts’ coverage as well as any background and research about your field
  4. A list of experts with bios that include a head shot, short video interview and their social profiles
  5. Press releases categorized by subject and archived by date
  6. News feeds on all release categories
  7. Image Gallery
  8. Video gallery
  9. An easy to use content management system
  10. The Google Analytics PR Dashboard for tracking and measuring success and ROI.

PRESSfeed has been at the forefront of online newsroom development for seven years now – we were the first to add news feeds to PR content and first to develop the social media newsroom. We’re deeply involved in the PR industry and we know the needs of PR and marketing professionals as well as the needs of the media, both traditional and social.

We constantly research the changing needs of journalists and bloggers and how people consume news in the social media space. We listen to our customers and watch for changes in how the public and the media finds news.  We integrate these and insights and behaviors into our online newsroom best practices.

We can have your social media online newsroom up and running in just two weeks!  And it will have everything you need to get an “A” in Digital PR.


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How most online newsrooms look today

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The social/visual online newsroom

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